Options for Your Life Insurance

Retained Death Benefit

A Retained Death Benefit (RDB) is a life settlement option that allows the policy owner (seller) to retain a portion of their life insurance policy’s death benefit, in lieu of receiving a cash-only lump sum settlement (a traditional life settlement offer).

When an RDB offer is accepted, the buyer takes over 100% of premium payments. No further obligations or payments are to be made.

In the circumstance where the insured individual dies, the beneficiary receives their guaranteed percentage portion of the death benefit payout while the fund receives the death benefit for the portion of the policy they purchased from the policyholder.

Case Example


Age 64


$10,000,000 Policy

$3,000,000 in Retained Benefit

Terri was suddenly faced with the unthinkable: First, she received a diagnosis of stage IV cancer. Shortly after, Terri’s husband lost his job after three decades of dedicated service. They needed financial options to face these devastating life changes, and they needed them quickly.

While researching online, Terri learned that selling her life insurance policy could be an option for relief and decided to work with us to help her through this extremely difficult time.

“Abacus had a solid reputation without any negative consumer ratings,” said Terri.
We guided Terri through the process, walking her through the numbers, and the numbers behind the numbers, so she understood all available options and could make the best decision possible for her family.

“Abacus kept me informed throughout the entire process with constant updates every step of the way,” Terri said. “Because of their professionalism and knowledge, I found the experience to be less stressful than I had originally feared.”

By working with us to sell her life insurance policy, Terri and her husband were able to pay off the remaining mortgage left on their home, giving Terri the financial freedom to concentrate on her cancer treatment and spend more time with her family.

“I would recommend Abacus to anyone who is coping with a life-changing event like cancer and needs to make tough financial decisions to improve their quality of life,” said Terri. “They treated me like a real person and I truly felt Abacus had my best interests in mind.”

Abacus offered Terri $3,000,000 in retained benefit.

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